Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Value for money

What do you think of when someone say "we want value for money"?

It is generally interpreted as Cheap or cheaper in today's financial climate

But a low cost of purchase is not always value for money - equally the dearest may not be either.

This is where you need to understand not only what you are buying, but how you are planning to use it and for how long.

A low cost of purchase with a high running cost may not be a value for money purchase (please see our blog on cost of ownership(coming shortly)) equally a dear purchase that need speacialist to support at premium rates may also offer poor value for money - unless the breakdown/failure rates are exceptionally low.

What should I look for?
We cannot tell you what you want, but at CGA Integration we always try to explain every element of the system and what it does for you. If a supplier cannot explain why you need an "XYZ" they you should not buy it!
Often the dearer items we specify are the units that have functionality to reduce running costs:
Many of the CGA systems now have processors that allow us to remotely monitor and test your system - so that we can reduce the need to come to site for minor issues and when we do come to site we know we have the correct parts for the fault and will resolve it with the minimum on site disruption and downtime

We also generally specify equipment with a sensible level of headroom, WHY?
The obvious analogy is a car engine - many of us have a car that has an 1800 or larger engine capable of speeds in excess of 100mph but we hardly ever drive it at these speeds. But we all know that a small engine car run flat out all day long will not last very long and the ride will not be very comfortable - but a big engined car will acheive the speed limit effortlessly, get you from A-B regularly without strain or stress and last you much longer.
The same is true of many other pieces of equipment - most notably power amplfiers
and if your amplifiers are running well within their limits your speakers will also last - leaving you with a good reliable system that is more likely to give you good value for money.

CGA Integration installed a small restaurant back in 1999, we have been called back a few times over the years, but the most serious problem thay have had is rodents eating the spaeker cables - the system still runs seven days a week and offers good sound to all areas of the restaurant - and it was not a dear system, it was just the correct system, installed sensibly and I like to think offers good value for money - 11 years later!

So when you are looking at your system - either replacing, upgrading or repairing, please contact us so that we can review your usage and make some suggestions to ensure that you have the correct equipment and acheive value for money.

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