Monday, 4 November 2013

How Pharmaceutical Technology can deliver a most Memorable Customer Experience

Likening your hotel guests to animals in pharmaceutical drugs trials might be the furthest analogy from your mind and yet systems originally designed to monitor exactly this have now been developed to help hospitality venues offer both a memorable customer experience and provide unrivalled security for their guests.

Imagine if you had the ability to monitor how guest’s behaviour changed if you changed room layout, d├ęcor or elements of customer service?  Imagine if a returning customer could be welcomed back by name without any visible technology? Imagine if the path of a bag snatch thief could be tracked throughout your venue and beyond to aid their capture?  All of these and more are now possible using image analysis.

CGA Integration are currently working with i-Abra, a high performance computing company, who have developed image analysis systems to deliver the next generation in guest behaviour monitoring and security.

At its simplest, image analysis, when integrated into existing CCTV systems, can count guests by recognising unique faces, assess dwell time and monitor activity such that you can look at how guest behaviour alters when you change; room layouts, decor, or elements of customer service, or when you tweak promotional materials and displays.  

With more detailed analysis, this tool allows you to identify and zone guest demographics within different areas of your venue, recognise individual guests and spot behaviour patterns, enabling you to gain a fuller understanding of your customers and see how environmental changes affect behaviour within different groups.  

Taken to its full potential, this system recognises individual faces and allows you to match them to your known client base, this is done in real time with matching achieved in a fraction of one second, enabling you to welcome back a returning guest and also monitor less welcome individuals!

From a security perspective, facial recognition from image analysis allows the tracking of a person of interest throughout a venue to see where they have been and where they are now.  This aids both staff to apprehend the individual and the identification of areas where security upgrades are needed to reduce any problem hot spots.

Suddenly your guest’s faces become like Internet cookies and you are able to identify where they are, where they have been, how long they stayed where and if they returned.  If information is power, image analysis systems give you the power to understand your guests and reward them with a most memorable customer experience, every time they visit. 

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Monday, 29 April 2013

CGA Integration; ensuring a sound Brand Fit for you

Technology can be a minefield. The pace of development is fast and the breadth of choice on the market can be staggering. What brands should you choose to ensure the best quality sound or lighting systems in your venue? The task can be daunting.

That’s where CGA Integration can help. We pride ourselves on our objectivity; we are not tied into using one specific brand and do not hold any items in stock, giving us maximum flexibility to choose the best products for you.

When we design a sound, light or video system, we spec each piece of technological equipment based on the individual needs of a customer for that specific project, so you know you will be getting the best possible solution for your venue.

The suitability of equipment has many variables; price, functionality, size, colour and shape, to name but a few, but possibly even more important in the longer term are; reliability, ability to support and a clear road map to illustrate how upgrades and future features can be added to your systems when they are needed. CGA will consider all of these factors before recommending what we believe will be the best possible solution for you and your venue.

Here at CGA Integration we can help to steer you through this technological maze. We will always specify quality products but are open to installing and supporting new technology as well as tried and tested options. We have a well established successful relationship across the pro audio, lighting, video and automation supply markets and are proud to have access to most major brands. We are proud to be approved
installers of the following Brands;

  • Amina invisible speakers
  • EV/Bosch sound processing, amplifiers and speakers
  • Iris Net sound processing software
  • Future automation product
  • Sennheiser radio microphones
  • Media Matrix digital sound processing system
  • Systemline
  • Cloud electronics

and are happy to specify, install and support others such as; JBL, Crown, Crestron, Hantarex, Mitsubishi, Crest Audio, Robe Lighting, Annolis LED, Samsung, Phillips, Formula Sound, Somfy, Kramer, Signet, Apart, Klein & Hummel, BSS, QSC, Sure and many more

Contact CGA Integration and let us ensure that your new sound and lighting systems don’t cause you a headache but are music to your ears.

For more information on how CGA Integration can help you with a specific project please contact us on: 0845 058 4650 or e mail us on

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